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About 'Theatre World'

Theatre World is a stage group committed to originals and with a message. An extension of the parent concern Kids World. It has pushed its limits from working with youth to incorporating all age groups. Most of the productions staged over the last fifteen years have incorporated a wide rang of ages. Our plays have traveled extensively in India to Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, and Guwahati... Theatre is a dynamic medium and challenges its own frontiers. From directing we have branced into scripting and giving birth, as it were, to the whole production. Script writing, music, acting , direction -are all colours of the same landscape. Theatre World has grown out of the efforts of Lushin Dubey and Bubbles Sabharwal, the creative director duo who pioneered Kids World. The "Life of Gautama Buddha", which has currently returned from Bodh Gaya and Kolkata is a labour of love. It is a fusion of music, of styles and of language and it is the creative director's fond hope that the poignant message of the Buddha will be spread further by this effort. It has also travelled to Singapore, in April 2002, and currently returned from a tour in the United States June 2002, where it was performed in several cities (Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Houston and New York).

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