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 About Bubbles Sabharwal  

I am a Delhite, married with two daughters, and I truly believe "experience" is the lietmotif of life. Before marriage I worked with B.N.P., Air France, flew as a stewardess with British Airways and ran a boutique "Girl" with my cousin Lillette.... shifting gear between lifestyles was exhilarating and challenging!

After marriage I hung up the cloak of restlessness and put down my roots in Delhi. My husband set up "two packaging" units and grew in stature. My cousin Lushin and I started a theatre group with children, "Kids World" pioneering professional children's theatre in the capital.

In the summer of 1999 a forgotten restlessness kick-started within me and I went back to an old love, writing I wrote four plays, two of which are under publication with Seagull Publishers, India. Two one act plays I had written were staged by "Theatre World" at the India Habitat Centre. "Women in Black" and "Runaways", directed by Arvind Gaur and Lushin Dubey respectively, were performed under the umbrella of contemporary theatre. In 1998 the desire to forage new grounds arose and I started a "Book Club" at the India Habitat Centre with four friends.

I am a director in "Integrated Caps" which now commands a lion's share of the Indian market supplying caps and crowns to Pepsi, UDV, Fosters, etc. If I were to stay I am a Director in Integrated Caps or Kids World or Theatre World that would be we are the sum of our parts, and one part is always searching! What we do in life is only a reflection of what we are and what we are keeps evolving.... 

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