" Dear Lushin,

"Thanks so much for last evening! It was an awesome experience watching such perfection!!!
Here are mine and Mrs.Ansari's reviews:-

"An amazing show! For childrens' imagination, this is a beautiful door opening into the world of magic. Any child watching it will go back enriched, as this has been put together so wonderfully! So well rounded off! Mouse was so excellently done! In an age when technology has taken out all the magic from life, and children are growing up in a very cerebral world, Wizwit is like a breath of fresh air! This exposes the children to a vibrant world, full of colours, light and dark, music and dance, and, no child would go back from such an experience empty-handed."

Mrs.Salma Ansari             Vice Presidents Wife 

" A breath-taking experience! Took me back to the little girl in me....and my childhood! I wish I had known about this show running so close to my home (I live in Gurgaon!). My niece and nephew were here from the US last winters. They would have loved to watch it! My request to the organisers to please please take it beyond just word of mouth. To make it known all over town by way of radio publicity, newspaper or magazine write-ups or even posters and banners. I completely believe that experiments and initiatives like Wizwit should not only be undertaken, but also promoted, in our technologically-advanced world. Children of today have to enjoy the gifts of nature, colours, joys of dance and music - all the things we, in our times grew up with! Qudos to Bubbles and Lushin and all the lovely kids!"

Mahiema Anand - Film Maker

"An hour and a half of sheer pleasure and total abandonment of the stress of daily life.
Dr. Ahmed Zaheer
( One of India's top dermatologists ...)"

"What a delightful experience. Lushin thanks for inviting us. It was a fascinating 1 1/2 hour. Sets. acting music and dialogue all were enjoyable. More power to you."

Zakia Zaheer

"Hi Lushin, it was lovely catching up & thank you for the very enjoyable treat. The Manager & Wizwits were super and we really enjoyed their costumes, makeup, the sets & the smooth slickness of the scene changes.

Will definitely spread the word. Thanks again & big hugs! "

"Genius, fantastic, funny, furious. ... Every moment of wizwits sparkled for grandma's and grand kids. Brilliant interactive brew from cauldron of hope in all children of the world..."

Syeda Hamid, Head Planning Commission

" I had to write in to tell you two that I've just seen "Wizwits" at Kingdom of Dreams.....and it's brilliant,superb,and this time I admit it's a cut above what one usually sees in children's theatre. My grand daughter was visiting so we took her for the show,and she was talking in her sleep about the "Mices"!... I have been following Kidsworld from when my daughters where little and I feel this time it was an excellent show...I'm amazed how you girls manage it every time....and to top it all I feel it's the modern acoustics,new fangled light and stage props etc that have added the cherry on the cake!

Keep it do work magic with the kids on stage... "
Looking forward to more soon.

Best always and fond regards

Reeta Suri 

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