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Two people... Journey... that clusive joy... the moments  in it.


In the endeavor to stage the production on HIV, I went through my own personal journey. It all started with a chance meeting with Indira Sandaliya who lives in Washington D.C. (where I staged my solos "Untitled" on women empowerment and Pinki Virani's "Bitter Chocolate" on child sexual abuse). Indira has been working in the area of HIV for a long Time. "Lushin, what are you looking at next?" she asked me over dinner. I smile and said "Possibly a comedy." "Really," she continued "there are so many artists doing that. Why don't you think of a piece on HIV?"

Upon my return to India, I found myself picking up books and delving into articles on HIV. Then came the meeting with Anjali Gopalan, the wonderful lady who runs the Naz Foundation. And, yes, so so many conversations with individuals living with HIV who allowed me into their lives. I was irrevocably drawn to them, their angst, their hopes, their fears… and I began to live with them, in my mind.

This production is an attempt to express some of the experience. I have tried, as best I could, to bring out some of the real moments spent with my friends living with HIV-including the possibility for them of moments of joy, the most sought after and the most elusive of emotions. 

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