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Two people... Journey... that clusive joy... the moments  in it.


A special thanks to

· Mr. Ashok Alexander, for believing in me and this project.

· The Heroes Project-Mr. Robert Kelty for unstinting support

· The Heroes Project-Ms. Neha Kapil, for being my sounding board at all times

· The Naz Foundation-Ms. Anjali Gopalan and her associates, for their encouragement  and standing by my side

· Father Carvalho (Principal, Father Angel School), our godfather in theatrical activities,  for rehearsal space

· India Habitate Centre (Mr. Rohit Khattar, Ms. Vidyun Mala Singh, Renu, Sri Sunil…  and so many others) for always being there.

· Poonam Bevli Sahi, for converting paper mayhem into crisp posters, brochures,  flyers time and time again.

· Ritesh Shah, who unhesitatingly took on the script, despite being unwell 

· Priscilla, for the tickets.

· Santosh, for music

· Lakshmi, for chatting with me…for hours…and letting me into her world

· Riudra, for production

· Frank Christopher, for clicking his camera at the drop of a hat!

· Sylvie…for always helping out

· Most of all, to all those children and women and men living with HIV who allowed  me into their lives…a very special thank you!

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