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‘Muskaan’: Being positive with HIV positive

Aditi Tandon 

Tribune News Service Chandigarh, February 25, 2007 

Lushin Dubey’s latest play “Muskaan” is inspired by the pain of millions living with HIV. Born out of the  artiste’s urge to demystify the epidemic, it makes the desired impact and leaves the audience with a  precious message.
In subtle tones, they bring sensitive messages home-that HIV can be prevented by avoiding risky  behaviour; that sexual route is not the only route to HIV infection.

Interwoven into the play are stories of victims who come from different classes. They are, however,  united in their suffering be it the vulnerable truck driver, the helpless sex worker or the Army man who  has just lost his job to HIV.
Through these stories and that of Chitra and Vish. Lushin inspires hope in the face of despair.

“The play is an attempt to bring the story of their suffering to the world and to initiate dialogue. The idea  is to get people to talk and to understand that HIV is like other infections that make people suffer. It is  not a disease out of the blue. It is not impossible to cope with,” Lushin said.

In many ways, “Muskaan” strikes a chord with the audiences. It delivers the required message and  inspires the required response. 

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