Kidsworld Zoom Work - Covid Days 


In March of 2020 , when Covid began its insidious but relentless spread in our beloved India , Kidsworld , our children’s theatre company of a 30 year standing , which had been super active in Delhi , cities in India and internationally , came to a sudden dazed grinding halt ! Much like the rest of India !

We had been staging innumerable musicals , in English , in Hindi , in Hinglish , worked with many many schools , many corporates and multi nationals , both at home and abroad , conducted workshop after workshop after workshop .. and now , like a thud to our senses , suddenly we had no physical space to work in and none of our precious gems - our Children!

It was baffling ... deafening to hear the news , minute after minute ... hour after hour .. on television !
Our work with children evaporated overnight .

But ..
We were not to be beaten .
Not to bemoan and grieve the lack of this physical space and the loss of seeing our beloved children !

Overnight , we in Kidsworld -
Lushin Dubey and Bubbles Sabharwal jumped into the virtual space !

From Diction / Speech / précis thinking / quick improvised thinking capsules .. workshopped ... with skills introduced to be mastered ..we jumped into the Zoom medium , directing a musical by kids for kids ! Kids were guided to it All themselves ! Lights , costumes , make up , improvised sets ! You name it ! They were encouraged they could do it !Their backstage team were their wonderful parents ! These courageous fearless actors then went on to even shoot their bits on camera themselves ... for edits .. for reviews ... we brainstormed together to create the magic of screen and cinema for the actor ! And what did our wonderful performers not achieve !
They gave it All in their presentations !

Suddenly from our , ‘ Theatre space ‘ , we celebrated the little box of the ,’ Screen space ‘!
And now we are more than convinced , that once we have beaten Covid and these days are behind us , we will have embarked on an additional new journey -
We will start our first film !

Kudos to All these kids who have soldiered on , restricted to their little Zoom box but roaming free in their imagination , and also to their amazing parents !

Attached here are some clippings and excerpts of their work !
Please do view it .
It’s worthy of more than just an applause 👏!

In Conversation With Lushin Dubey

Diction Capsules

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