About Bubbles Sabharwal  

I am a Delhite, married, with two daughters Shreiyah and Tanyah, After graduation from CJM and then L.S.R. I worked with BNP and in the late 70's joined British Airways as an Air Stewardess. Those days travel had an exotic sense of destination attached to it. Simultaneously I ran a boutique with my cousin Lillette, called "Girl". Experience is the leitmotif of my life… Restlessness has always pushed me to sample and savour different aspects of life!

After marriage I moved back to Delhi and started Kidsworld with my cousin Lushin. Kidsworld soon grew into Theatre World. Creative waters are dynamic and push for change. From Director I went to playwrighting. As a playwright I moved inwards into myself looking for all those stories that are the stuff of Real Life, Real People, Real Angst!

In 1999, I wrote four plays " Women in Black", the See Saw", "Runaways" & "The Coffee Glitch", all of which got staged. There is no greater joy for a playwright than to breathe blood and flesh into new scripts. The circle was completed when Runways & other plays " published as a book by MidnightEdition.com, released in April 2004 by Robert S. Blake to Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. embassy. It is now available on Amazon.com. One of the plays "Women in Black" was a 360° experiment from playwright to actress back to playwright!!

If I were to say I am a Director in Theatre Kidsworld or Theatre World or integrated caps (Our packaging Units) that would be incorrect, as we are The sum to our parts, and one part is always searching! What we do in Life is only a reflection of what we are and what we are keeps evolving….

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