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Started in 1987 Kids World has spearheaded the movement of youth theatre in the capital during the last 17 years and continues to do so.. . We have worked with children/preadults from the age of 4 years - 24 years - with one main objective in mind: to combine entertainment with education. Children from diverse cultures, different schools and various backgrounds.
Kids World has staged a gamut of productions, musicals and straight plays… recreating fantasy fairy tales as well… reliving magic in the minds of both parent and child. Productions based on works such as E.B. Whites 'Charlottes' Web' to Roald Dahls' Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'… to Rudyard Kipling's 'Jungle Book'. The staging of ' Jungle Book' "clinched Kids World's definitive arrival into the children's the atre scene in Delhi. "Jungle Book" was an indisputable box - office hit for 9 days at the Kamani Auditorium. The plays were sponsored by Kids World.
The "magic" spread from there….'Peter Pan' came close on the heels of Jungle Book's success.There were 37 children dancing and singing 'live' on stage, a moving collage of light, sound and colours.

Hindustan Times, November 17th, 1991, KAVITA NAGPAL
"Peter Pan was superbly mounted. Costumes, sets and most important of all lighting was well synchronised with exits, entries and scene changes. The music was executed with "understanding but without compromise".
Kids World swung the focus to reviving a classic, "OLIVER TWIST", written by Charles Dickens. The musical "Oliver" was not merely a school text, its appeal was universal.


"The presentation has been meticulously designed. The superb choreography, costumes, light design and fine performances by the children are ample testimony to it. The sets consisting of Fagin's hideout, the bridge etc.. gave one a real feel of the Dickensian underworld".
After "Oliver" came the ephemeral "Little Mermaid" where the underwater world came alive in a riot of colour. This was sponsored by Phoenix and Kids World.

"Kids World's plays…have breathed new life into children's theatre in the capital which so far had suffered from shoddy production values… Kids World spares no expense to create the right ambience for their plays and the well-trained actors seek audience' involvement instead of taking a condescending attitude to them.... these plays can at least attempt to wean Kids away from the idiot box and Hindi films!"From here Kids World brought to stage the irrepressible, 'Annie' done for Convent of Jesus & Mary.

"To handle 135 children in the age group of 17 years is no joke. And the way these two directors along with the choreographer Sharmila Karate have handled them is something seen to be believed.
'Annie', a memorable event both for the young and the old who packed the Kamani Theatre for all the Four shows".
The spectrum moved from the evergreen "Annie" to the scintillating and spellbinding "Beauty & the Beast" which was performed in May'94 at Kamani, Simultaneously we performed an original Hindi musical "Jungle Book Se Aage" in schools all over Delhi. The former was co-sponsored by Funskool and the latter by Hindustan Lever Pvt. ltd.

"And what do we have here? Mowgli of Disney's Jungle Book fame in-Delhi? Kids World, The Delhi based children's theatre organisation which has consistently delighted city audiences for the past six years... Their aim- Theatre with a difference. Education with entertainment and innovation."
"Though on stage Mowgli recoils from contact with the human world, off stage in the rehearsal room it's a different story... Young Aditya's eyes sparkle as he tells you .... "
Our newest and latest musical was the spectacular "Jesus Christ Superstar", a non-stop singing and dancing extravaganza set in a time capsule of 105 minutes! It is a reverberating musical with a "deeply serious" and intense message but the rendition is unforgettably entertaining!Kids World directed this monumental Musical as a curtain raiser for Modern School Barakhamba Road's 75th Year Celebration. There were 165 children in the cast.

"Jesus Christ Superstar is no laughing matter even for the best music hall companies… there was everything in it. The sets seemed like as though you were on a tour of the old city of Jerusalem... It was the singing that did the trick, pure and clean and full of that spark of heaven which alone makes stories from the Bible come alive. The last week of Christ's life had style and the subtle spontaneity of the non professional".

Kids World has worked with both multi-nationals e.g.: BRITANNIA, NESTLE, HINDUSTAN LEVERS and with the Corporate sectors eg: MILK FOOD, ONIDA, ITC, TISCO, PHOENIX, VAMICOL, KAALEEN CARPETS, FUNSKOOL… It is now an established name in children's theatre in the capital and has an extensive membership.

"The concept of children as consumers must be taken seriously; declare the duo who have set exciting new trends in the children's theatre in tree Capital..."
Children's theatre of this quality and magnitude can only be kept alive if adults are there to back them!

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