A Bilingual Solo Performance by 

Lushin Dubey

based on Pinki Virani's Best Seller  (True Stories based on the traumas of abused children in India)


A special thanks to…

 · Pinki Virani for having had the courage to write a book as moving and insightful as "Bitter Chocolate", and inspiring me to take the challenge of stepping into the skin of some of the characters from her book.

· Mr. Muchkund Dubey (Chairman) and Mr. Asthana (Director) of the Council for Social Development for their support. Their immediate belief in the significance of the message delivered through this production and their sponsorship encouraged me to go ahead with "Bitter Chocolate".

· To YMCA for their support.

· Kanika Satyanand, a dear, dear friend who unstintingly gave me her time and steered me towards "Bitter Chocolate" - Thanks Kaniks !

· Vinnual Marken and his team for all the help in the multimedia material and the investment of his personal time.

· To Amit for all his help with the projectors etc.

· IHC for always being there for me… thanks to all!

· Poonam Bevli Sahi, for converting paper mayhem to crisp clean posters, brochures and flyers time and time again.

· Priscilla, for helping with the tickets.

· To Bubbles my cousin, and my partner for over 17 years, who always says "is there anything I can do for you? Thanks Bubbles, I know you are always there for me."

· To Tara, my girl, who helped me with the research and posters…

· Thanks my Daughter, Ilina Dubey help me as a Production Management

· To Pradeep, my husband, who always encourages me with every new venture.

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