A Theatre World Production
A Solo Performance by 

Lushin Dubey

Based on Dario Fo's "MEDEA" and on a story by  विजयदान देथा Directed By Arvind Gaur


In her new production, Lushin Dubey has…. 'Men' On A String

LUSHIN Dubey is happy that she doesn't need to tolerate any tantrums from actors. Neither does she need to wait for them for rehearsals. But before you can start wondering at the stroke of fortune, she takes out the puppets from her bag. "My next production based on Dario Fo's Medea and Nyaari Nyaari Maryaada by Vijay Dan Detha has just me and the puppets," the actress says. Directed by Arvind Gaur of Asmita and produced by Theatre World that Dubey formed with cousin Bubbles Sabharwal more than a year ago, the untitled play has Dubey and her puppets play eight characters.

We were taking our play, The Life of Gautam Buddha to different parts of the world. I came back shaken but with a Buddhistic mindset that whatever happened was destined, " Dubey says, adding: "Then, I saw a programme on TV on women being ill-treated by the Taliban. I decided that I have to explore a part of this injustice only this time the woman will strike back." Well, that's the theme of the play - a spoof on men, that 'll mark Dubey's entry into the world of Hindi theatre. As for the puppets, they are without any distinguishing features - a theatrical device denoting how the 'men' that Dubey hits back at are non-entities.

Ask Dubey about her experience and she says: "It was scary as the play was in Hindi. Secondly, it's solo as all the characters are being assumed by me." The actress, who has also just finished with a film The Project Husband to be released soon, adds: "There's a lot of movement in the play which doesn't have an elaborate but a dynamic set. It has bamboo picture frames which gives the impression of a story unfolding through paintings." Dubey is currently penning another play-script on life as an Indian teacher in a foreign country.

As for Kids World, Dubey and Sabharwal's first theatrical venture, Sabharwal says, "It will always remain our first priority and, in fact, we will be re-doing our last production with kids Wizwits soon."

The cousins had got into 'adult' theatre only last year with two one-act plays Women in Black and Runaways, posters for which were incidentally done by photographer Natasha Singh.

(The play will be staged at Abhimanch, NSD on March 30 and on April 12, 13, 14 at the IHC) 

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