A Theatre World Production
A Solo Performance by 

Lushin Dubey

Based on Dario Fo's "MEDEA" and on a story by  विजयदान देथा Directed By Arvind Gaur



Socially Sensitive:
Lushin's Untitled Oeuvre At Play

HT City Monday, 16 December 2002

Lushin Dubey is staging Untitled for the Santushti Fest 2002, presented by American Express and hindustantimes.com

IT ISN'T easy to do a mono act with puppets as co-actors, dealing with a topic as "socially vibrant" as the exploitation of women. But Lushin Dubey has done it and the way it has been received has spurred her on to "do other plays in Hindi with social overtones," says the theatre artist.

Dubey is staging Untitled at Santushti Complex as part of the Santushti Fest 2002, presented by American Express and hindustan-times.com. (entry by invitation, to be collected from Kastro's, Santushti). Though she has her hands full right now with theatre and films alike, Untitled is special for her. "Last year, I was shaken by a film ab-out the Taliban at-rocities on women. I called up Arvindji (Arvind Gaur the play's director) and told him that I wanted to do a play ,on this," reminisces Dubey But the play has gradually developed to be more than just that for her. "Once after the play, a lady in pearls and chiffon came up to me and said, `you haven't included violence.' I was shocked but since then, I've also added a touch of that," she says. Dubey hastens to add that she herself is a happily married woman but that does not deter her from voicing the grievances of others. "I always wanted to do social work, I'd love to raise funds with this play for any woman in duress," she says with optimism. 

Lushin Beyond Theatre
· Just completed Perfect Husband with Neha Dubey and Parveen Dabas

· Working on Socha Na Tha, directed by Imtiaz

· Will be in a serial from January 2003 on Kashmir, opposite Farooq Sheikh 



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