(Lushin was the producer for these productions too United Players)


Portia, Shylock delivered with Chiselled perfection 

May 8, 1998

Lily Delivery and line distinction came up trumps throughout, with an all-new pattern of pauses, in Portia’s Quality of Mercy piece and Shylock’s penultimate plea, which came off heartrendingly well. Both gave us lines where meaning and intent crystalised with chilselled precision and panache Lushin’s intonation, volumne, pitch and tone ran the entire gamut of voice production and control. What could she do but teach and direct young theatre? The catch in her husky voice made us hope that the aspirants of ‘KIDSWORLD’ absorb and assimilte all that she has to offer in language speaking skills. It was no struggle for her to dominate her part every night, and except that she was pitted against Amar Talwar’s superltive Shylock she would have, unwittingly, upstaged then all and that too, as one of shake’s strongest leading ladies! Hang in there and you’ll be reading much much more about her on this page- but as one avid theatre animal said to another, “Lilette plays up, but Lushin plays down”! Otherwise they’re sitting close of course, but we aisle- squatters are paid to put our foot in our mouths-anyway, she’s a legend in her own lunchtine and possibly the best Portia of our times.

Aruna Ahluwalia

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