Personal Comments from the Viewers


1. . R.V. Rajan Ph.D.P.E 6097 St Johan P Kwy Victor, N.Y. 1456, Rochester U.S.A.

“ Incredible Show” The Cost and their performances will below you away’
A Grand Finale for our ICC 25th Anniversary Celebration!”


2. Meera Jain, Theatre Director. Rochester N.Y.

I want to profusely thank Dr. Kamath for treating the community to a wonderful show this afternoon. Lushin Dubey's Salaam India lived up to all my expectations. It was a great script and the troupe did full justice to it. Those who did not attend the event missed a great opportunity to see a high-caliber production.

Thank you once again, Dr. Kamath. The bar has been raised many notches.


3. Sumedha Bhagat, Rochester, N.Y.

I enjoyed the most recent play at Ice. ‘S.T’ performed by Lushin and her group. All the actors and dowers are well talented indeed. They worked well resulting in a great performance. The actors are truly talented. Their shobity to instantly transferred themselves into totally different characters as their any special exposures, costumes, but rather just a change in their characterization and speech show cases their acting skill. The play was funny and meaningful messages. Thank you for bringing this troupe. I am sure I would be joined by many attendees in saying the pleasure was all ours. Please extend our gratitude and congratulations to all!


4. Mr. Sunil Bali, Queens, N.Y.

Thank you for all your efforts towards staging the wonderful play, ‘ST’ av the Semple auditorium.

All the actors were superb and please convey my special regards to all of them and particularly Lushin Dubey.

Once again my sincere thanks to you!’ Founder Dr. Mysorekur Arvinder Semple.


5. Toral, Chicago. U.S.

Dear Ketki,
I wanted to congratulate you on your selection & your efforts in bringing this play to Chicago. I thoroughly enjoyed the intelligent & humorous approach taken by the script, the actors & the director -delivering a direct & honest landscape of Modern India. It was a very entertaining & yet thought provoking presentation of the different strengths & weaknesses, trials & successes of hierarchical Indian Society . The story flowed wittily through the daily lives of the 4 socioeconomic classes & culminated beautifully in weaving all of them together to give a complete perspective of today's India. Well done!!


6. India west Article, San Francisco, West Coast U.S.A


7. The play was amazing wonderful

I loved the idea of the & separate stands meshing to gather over tune, and watching the Cast member morph form one character to another was simply amazing still can’t believe the anglo guy was only one person. He seemed to change age shape, everything with their the change of a hat. I missed some of the plot and even the jokes about the food because I didn’t know all the names of things & the regions they are form but yet I laughed a lot’ I am very glad & attended.


8. San Francisco West Coast U.S.A

Yesterday play amazing something different new & unique pls convey my sincere thanks to all the artist for taking we thro their wonderful experience.
My daughter & enjoyed the play & the synopsis was very useful “Hindi is a beautiful and expressive language and the music & dance component made for a wonderful theatre experience San Francisco.

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