A Theatre World Production
A Solo Performance by 

Lushin Dubey

Based on Dario Fo's "MEDEA" and on a story by  विजयदान देथा Directed By Arvind Gaur

Women's History - MONTH
Smithsonian Institution Schedule of Events March 2004


Untitled: A Solo Performance

Lushin Dubey in Untitled: A Solo Performance

Tuesday, March 23, 7 PM
National Museum of Natural History, Baird Auditorium

Indian artist Lushin Dubey presents a theatrical piece that weaves together two works: Euripedes's Medea and a Rajasthani folk tale with a similar, though lighter, revenge plot. Dubey plays fourteen different characters in these parallel stories. At last summer's Edinburgh Festival, Untitled was hailed as "fascinating in its cultural imaginings and universal in its implications:" Dubey and director Arvind Gaur participate in a discussion after the performance.

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