(Played: Lady Macbeth       Directed By : Alyque Padamsee        Prod. by : Raell Padamsee)



Society : Swagat May 2006

Ad guru and theatre man Alyque Padamsee has produced his own version of Shakespeare's Macbeth. He has incorporated what he calls 'tantra philosophy' within the play. Directed by choreographer Karla Singh, the play was staged to a big Mumbai audience in April. "Macbeth is a very dark play and it lends itself to incorporation of a lot of dark tantra rituals. I call it Tantric Macbeth. Shakespeare nay not have known about tantra, but he surely knew about witchcraft. For 20 years, I looked for the perfect Lady Macbeth and I have found her in Lushin Dubey," says Padamsee.

Subhojit Dasgupta, a 29-year-old acharya of Tantrik and Vedic Sciences, interpreted Macbeth through the lens of Tantrik rituals for Padamsee. Louis Banks did the background music, while Tarun Tahiliani designed the costumes.

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