(Played: Lady Macbeth       Directed By : Alyque Padamsee        Prod. by : Raell Padamsee)


Macbeth – a capital treat! 

The Sunday Indian January 28, 2007

TSI FIVE-O Nothing tragic about this tragedy

The high profile Bard of Cuffe Parade-after setting home turf Mumbai alight with his tantric interpretation of Macbeth - Throne of Blood-zeroed into balle territory. Alyque Padamsee’s celebrated rendition of Shakespeare’s timeless tale of woman power, greed, lust for high-office, blind ambition, guilt and death played to a packed and enthralled audience at the Kamani. Opening the NSD exhibition, great expectation – common with a Padamsee offering- soon turned to awe as the scenes unfolded in dazzling fashion. Stunning in production values, design, costumes, music, Macbeth was showbiz incarnate! It seduced the senses, but did it move the heart? It’s difficult to place a finger but as an experience, it was more of a visual treat than a soul-lifting sock. The performances were competent. Vijay Krishna as Macbeth was brilliantly cast in terms of the physical nuances of the character, 'but the one person who was the storm-center of the entire show, the hand-down show-stopper in every single scene that she graced was Lushin Dubey, essaying the role of Lady Macbeth…Hurling a searing bulletin from the arctic latitude of her histrionic being, Dubey’s Lady Macbeth remains an unforgettable portrait of a driven soul, inexorably on a fast-forward to doom. A Cataclysmic performance, her Lady M bears the sign of daring originality with all the stops pulled out, firing on all cylinders that send the pulse racing and heart thumping…a showpiece event destined to be etched in memory for a long, long time…'

 Monojit Lahiri 

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