(Played: Lady Macbeth       Directed By : Alyque Padamsee        Prod. by : Raell Padamsee)


‘Kolkata audience is not half as demonstrative as Mumbai audience’

Q. In your play, Lady Macbeth appears to be the protagonist instead of Macbeth…

Once I came across a book on shakti, the female power. That book opened my eyes. Tantra has a lot of similarity with the witchcraft practiced during the days of Shakespeare. I immediately visualized the image of Lady Macbeth as the head of tantric witches. She’s my protagonist. I needed a tantric scholar to help me in my project and Subhojit Dasgupta was a great help. But at the same time,' I have to admit that without Lushin Dubey, who has played the role of Lady Macbeth effortlessly, nothing would have been possible. In diction, face, emotion emphasis of power, dancing skills, Lushin is the best among all the female actors I’ve worked with so far in my 71 plays'.

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