(Played: Lady Macbeth       Directed By : Alyque Padamsee        Prod. by : Raell Padamsee)


Alyque Padamsee presents…

Mumbai’s celebrated ad and theatre guru, basking in the aftermath of success, spoke to Monojit Lahiri about how his latest tantra-influenced take on MACBETH came about…and now the path-breaking production (on woman power, greed, lust for high office, blinding ambition, a moment of weakness followed by guilt, and redemption) attempted to redefine the timeless work of the bard of Avon.

And here’s what he says of Lushin Dubey’s, who played lady Macbeth…”She was amazing! Could she act! Did she have a powerful voice! Did she have stage presence! Every single member of the cast and crew was blown by her powerhouse acting abilities. And when we opened in Mumbai, the audience mirrored the same chloroformed look!”

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