Shakespeare: The Indian Icon
Editor: Vikram Chopra
Publisher: The Reader’s Paradise 2011

Lushin Dubey: India’s answer to some of the legendary stage actresses of the British theatre like: Sarah Siddons, Mrs. Jameson and Peggy Ashcroft, Lushin Dubey did her Masters in History from Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR), University of Delhi and then masters in Science in Childhood and Special Education in the US. From there began a long association with children and soon she started, "Kids World" with her cousin Bubbles. The two woman army did everything from casting, set design, choreography, direction and produced evergreen favorites like Jungle Book, Peter Pan, Jesus Christ, Superstar, Les Miserables and the epical play Gautam Buddha. A theatre artist with an enviable repertoire, she was instrumental in starting work with a group (United Players Guild) staging Shakespearean plays. She acted in the lead as Isabella in Measure for Measure; ‘Lady Macbeth in Macbeth, Portia in The Merchant of Venice and as Desdemona in Othello. She co-produced ‘Othello in Black and White’ which returned from Edinburgh, winning the "Edinburgh Fringe First".

Lushin is deeply concerned with the mysteries and dilemmas of human existence "the moral and emotional failings" that take away the joy of life. In the world where the materialistic juggernaut continues to gather momentum and to alienate us form the core of our beings, this fast track world, where the ‘I’ is bigger than ‘WE’ and where instant-gratification is the name of the game, she wonders whether concepts like peace, self-control, love and compassion are workable. Her play on the life of Gautam Buddha exhibits her deep humanistic concerns as she believes that Buddha was perhaps the only man in recorded history who fully confronted the riddle of existence and illuminated it. Another cause that is most dear to Lushin is to raise a loud cry against Gender discrimination. In fact, she would even like to celebrate the superiority of woman because of the intrinsic grace, complexity and other riches that nature has endowed her with. "a salute to Motherhood, daughterhood and womankind" are the words of her daughter llina who feels inspired by the selfless love and commitment of her most loving mother. Her solo play ‘Untitled’ which has completed more than 200 shows across the world is not only an outrage against the injustice, but also an equitable assertion of female dignity and honour. While her play ‘Salaam India’ inspired by diplomat writer Pawan Verma’s novel Being Indian, is a tribute to India’s innate sense of resilience and her spiritual and cultural heritage. Honest to the core, Lushin’s vision of the compresses the elements of Buddha’s renunciationry wisdom and Lord Krishna’s holistic celebration of life’s multiplicity, what she fondly defined as spiritual hedonism’. She has won several awards at national and international level: many more to follow in times to come……