Reviews - Teachers Workshop Module at Lotus Valley School, March 2014



Participant’s Name



Aditi Kapoor

Two days were no short of a roller coaster ride. It stretched us, cajoled us, pushed us out of our comfort zone and helped us rediscover ourselves. We learnt, unlearnt, learnt……. it simply continued. The best part was it all happened with loads of interaction, engagement and fun. Together we put up role plays and surprised each other! The fact we were able to map it to our classrooms made it a deeper learning experience. Walked in with inhibitions, walked out confident!


Aparna Anand

We had a wonderful workshop with Lushin  Dubey, which was really good and very informative. Lushin Dubey workshop provided us a platform to enhance our acting and dramatization skills which we can use in our day to day teaching learning. We were a part of the performance which gave us a confidence to show our talents, express our feeling and emotions, and self-empowerment is learnt.Would like to conclude that as a mentor it was a great hands experience to me and on the whole it was an organic process.


Archana Gulati

The two day workshop conducted by these accomplished theatre experts served to infuse renewed energy and enthusiasm in the teachers before the onset of the new academic session. Although most of the activities( like physical warm up, voice modulation exercises, enacting a story ,etc. ) conducted  in the workshop were more or less similar to those done by the Julia Gabriel mentors with our learners, yet doing them ourselves served to enhance our confidence in our teaching abilities and strengthened them as well. This forum helped us to discover our inner strengths and build upon them and showed us the way to keep turning our weaknesses into strengths. Personally speaking, through this workshop I realised that theatre is actually an effective method of teaching because it not only breaks the monotony and makes learning more interesting, but it makes learning permanent by making the learners more involved in the learning process. Most of all, this workshop put all the staff members together in one place for two days, thus giving us an opportunity to interact and collaborate with each other.


Simran Sethi

I always thought Theatre and drama is only restricted to stage but Lushin Dubey workshop changed my perception. This workshop taught me that we at every stage of life is reflecting different characters and it is very important to make that character interesting for oneself as well as others. I learnt different techniques to make my class room teaching interesting and effective. Without any delay, I am actually implementing some of the techniques I have learnt in this workshop.It is very wisely said that a good movie is the product of the best effort put in by the Director to make the actors perform beyond his/her caliber. On this note I thank both the mentors for being the best directors as they helped me to take out the best performer from within me. I also would like to thank our Principal Ms. Anita Malhotra who has given us such opportunities in the form of workshops in order to groom our personality and become a more refined individual.


Shilpa Katyal

The workshop on` Theatre in Education’   was a very appealing   workshop. The content and the numerous activities designed for the workshop by the resource persons was appropriate and involving. It was a   great experience as the workshop brought out the hidden talents and it was a commendable experience.


Preeta  Bhatia

Workshop on ` Theatre in Education’ was an energizing capsule full of excitement and with lots of learning in it. I had a wonderful experience of meditation, voice modulation, fun games and presentations in group. During the workshop I was thrilled with joy to showcase my hidden skills. It was commendable experience with the resource persons.


Ekta Dang

I had a wonderful experience attending the workshop. It gave good insight to our abilities of which we were not aware of the fact that it was a non-judgmental. I re-energized our minds and made us think out of the box with no inhibitions. I pleasantly surprised myself by performing reasonably well, the role of the beggar and making the friends imagine the big cake and get a feel of it. Thank you very much for noticing and appreciating it.


Ashima Khurna

Lushan Dubey‘s workshop was one of those leanings which you learn by doing. The theater exercises took all of us back to our childhood where we all were happy, learning and not conscious of being judged by anyone. We all teachers were a big team – a big family. In spite of being long hour those two days just flew away. I was excited & enthusiastic like a child and wanted to do more and more…



The two days of interactive workshops took us into the world of drama theatre and play. It was a fun filled, energetic workshop with innovative ideas which can make class room teaching interactive. Learning to integrate theatre and class room was an enriching experience. It helped us identify our true selves, shed our inhibitions and emerge into a more confident individual.


Sakshi verma

Your session demonstrated to all of us how important it is to leverage the power of theatre in communications within organizations. The way you helped all of us to open up, access our creativity and even try our hand at theatre was brilliant. The highlight of the workshop was the opportunity given to teachers to present a small skit. Thank you very much for facilitating the session.


Kavita Suri

The Lushin Dubey workshop was extremely enlightening and beneficial and was full of energy and excitement.  Through the workshop, I have come to know of my strengths and weaknesses and it has also streamlined my approach towards teaching. Not only was the workshop a two way interaction but also a platform for expressing new ideas and creative methods of teaching and learning which I look forward to implementing.


Sonali Jain

Thanks for a wonderful, powerful experience. It was a revelation and a great pleasure as well. I was privileged to have such accomplished theatre experts handling the workshop. It was absolutely amazing. Thank you for a wonderful workshop, the energy, the enthusiasm and the warmth.


Ashima Malik

Liberating is the first word that comes to my mind. I got to learn that one can convert ones weakness into strength. My weakness of not reacting and answering back to an angry person/ situation actually was a strength as without my reactions the angry person /circumstance is POWERLESS !!


Richa Mukhejee

Both the facilitators created a wonderful learning environment for the teachers and used effective learning games to impart the learning. It was a great experience and I learnt several things about theater and drama as well as effective teaching techniques.


Swati Verma

I attended the two days workshop with great enthusiasm and the experience which I gained has really helped me in my personality development. We came to know about our strengths and weaknesses and learnt how to make our weaknesses into strengths which has really impressed me. This workshop has made me more confident in presenting myself in front of others.  I am definitely going to imply my experience in my way of teaching.


Vandana Jamwal

In response to the theatre workshop organized by Lushin Dubey and Bubbles Sabbarwal in Lotus Valley International School, I hereby put forth my feedback. Belonging to Force background where every now and then lady wives have to participate in different activities, be it the event management, stage participation, food management, decorations, different competitions, etc. we are brushed up to act accordingly. Though standing on stage and interacting with the audience is not new to me, I have little experience in acting. With this workshop my skill of acting was powdered and I feel more confident in presenting myself now. This workshop could have been more promising, had it been taken step by step in a more precise. In all, I would like to thank our principal for arranging this workshop for us which I am sure would be an opening to many of us.


Namita Chandra

Very interactive and fruit full workshop. Many activities can be taken back to the class room to make the class more lively and interactive.


Vidhi Ahluwalia

Enhanced our hidden talents and potential and develop a keen interest towards drama , a very well organized session which made me wanting for more.. would love to have more in future.



Excellent – engaging and interesting workshop. Outstanding learning – we were clearly engaged and productive and carried back many activities for us to use in our classroom.


Prabhjeev Kaur

It was very enriching and made us aware of various methodologies which we could incorporate in the classroom and make learning even more effective. We got a chance to introspect within ourselves and unleash our own strengths.


Vani Goswamy

  1. Thanks for a marvelous experience , revaluating and a great pleasure as well . I was privileged to have such accomplished theatre experts handling the occasion . There was loads of serotonin and oxytocin flooding our brains.
  2. Theatre is a medium of self discovery , self realization and to nurture our talents.
  3. Workshop was absolutely amazing ,full of energy, enthusiasm and warmth.
  4. It was a hands on experience ,workshop helped us to express ourselves in a creative way by singing, dancing ,acting and dramatizing. It helped me to overcome my weaknesses , made me more confident, expressive, imaginative ,fearless . Overwhelmed and touched my heart.



Kanchan Raghuvanshi

Lushin Dubey’s workshop was a great learning experience. The workshop brought all of us together and we got to know each other much better. The various sessions during the 2 days have helped me get a better understanding of my strengths and areas of improvement. It has also given me some pointers on how to overcome my weaknesses.  One of the other major highlights for me was getting more knowledge about how to express one’s ideas, feelings and viewpoints.  The workshop would also help me become more confident while speaking publicly. The role-plays and feedback on the same gave me insights into how I could handle such situations better in the future. I would now try me best to apply the learning in real life situations such that I can become better in various aspects of my professional and personal life.


Rohini Berwal

Lushin Dubey is a  well accomplished theatre personality with commendable experience and expertise in conveying “Matters de Life” through the medium of theatrics and art .This workshop was a unique experience for me as a teacher, also from the over all perspective of life and behavioral sciences. The message of perseverance, patience, humanity and inclusiveness was very clear. She introduced as to various techniques and tools of personality building including facts of confidence, behavior, communication, mutual trust and faith. This workshop was a positive benchmark in the series of workshops conducted at “LVIS” so far. More such like events which help in harnessing and spreading positivity in the environment are indeed welcome.


Geetu Yadav

Theatre Workshop by Lushin DubeyThe workshop was a great way to get our creative juices flowing. It gave a tremendous boost to my confidence levels. It also provided excellent inputs on how to make “learning fun and creative”.The session gave us ideas and thoughts to plan innovative learning modules for the young learners. It encouraged us to think on our feet and evolve our teaching methods as per our learner’s capabilities.Last but not the least the workshop refreshed and recharged each one of us. It ensured we dive in head on in a new academic year with lot of zest.I thank the management for organizing this workshop.


Prakeerti Sinha

The workshop had been a very enriching experience in terms of a taste of theatre blended with a team bonding exercise among the teachers. Lousin Dubey and Bubbles are amazing mentors and their skill to relate theatre with teaching has left a new area of creativity in all the teaching minds. In dealing with the budding pods of creativity, if a simple thing like giving a pencil to the little ones can be dramatized and given in a way that leaves an impression on the child’s mind, I feel it takes teaching to another level altogether. The voice modulations were taught so well that each one of us could discover the capacity hiding within us. The exercise they did to explain trust was beautiful and very insightful as in how the co-teachers can be bonded in wonderful relationship which adds exponentially to the energy of the class. Feel very grateful being given this opportunity to experience theatre first hand and look forward for such enlightening experiences in the near future.


Shruti Malviya

It was a wonderful learning experience. Activities done were very motivating and meaningful and can be used in our daily life and classroom session. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop with colleagues and got the opportunity to know each other . Thanks Lushin ma’am and Bubbles ma’am  - It was truly a rejuvenating experience !! 


Shipra Gulati

Lushin Dubey's Theatre Workshop was a wonderful experience. The workshop was extremely gripping and interesting that it left a great impact on our minds. The workshop gave away the importance of emoting the slightest nuances of a scene and powerfully executing it. The workshop liberated the spirits and elevated the confidence. Wish to attend more such workshops in future.


Pooja Adlakha

Lushin Dubey’s workshop was a new discovery to know yourself and your colleagues in an entirely  different way. Before this workshop ’Theatre’ was just watching movies for me but  with the activities and learning that I have experienced in this workshop has just made theatre one of my hobby and has drawn my sparkling interest towards it. Mrs. Dubey and Mrs. Sabharwal has planned and executed each and every activity and game in a very positive and impactful manner.


Priyanka Gupta

Day one started with the introduction of each teacher participating in the work shop which gave me the opportunity to get to know many teachers whom I did not know personally. Further to that, the teachers spoke about their weaknesses and the strengths which made me connect with them in a better way. Speaking about myself also gave a voice to my inner feelings as I was given a chance to open up myself in front of the other teachers. I got a chance to face my self-consciousness by talking about my weaknesses. Admitting to them is still helping me overcome them in a better way. We were divided into groups and were asked to perform on a small skit. The skit that my co teachers and me were given bonded us during the process in a special way as we exchanged ideas and performed on them. It was my first experience of giving a performance in front of a big audience. I initially felt the hitch to perform in front of all but by the end of it, the workshop helped me get rid of my inhibitions and deliver a more confident me.


Ritika Gupta

It was an enriching hand on experience as we delved deep into the attributes of integration of speech and drama into our daily classroom teaching.


Eleanor Mansukhani

The workshop was interesting, helpful and a wonderful experience. It made me overcome my inhibitions of enacting in front of a large group. I relived my childhood playing the various games and as I have always believed that a class needs to be lively and interactive, incorporating theatre to introduce new topics, importance of voice modulation and the right tone always makes teaching more effective is what I learnt from this work shop.


Suruchi Ahuja

The Lushin Dubey Workshop was a wonderful experience and I learnt a lot. Understanding the finer aspects of Theatre and Art in daily life were a revelation in themselves.  I got an opportunity to express myself in front of everybody and enjoyed the workshop.


Sheetal Mahajan

Lushin Dubey’s workshop was a wonderful experience. It has really helped me in grooming my personality. I feel more liberated and confident after attending this workshop.


Meghna Srivastava

The workshop, for me, was an amazing bonding experience, and also an exercise in developing my confidence. I got an opportunity to interact with many teaches, most of whom were unknown to me till that day.  Various engaging and fun filled activities in the workshop taught me to have a positive outlook towards my colleagues and love for my work.I believe in giving my hundred percent in whatever I do and am passionate about teaching. This workshop further strengthened my beliefs. It also made me believe that every person has certain strengths and weaknesses, and we should accept them for what they are. I learned to apply this philosophy on the little ones, accepting them as unique individuals who all possess certain positive attributes which should be a source of inspiration for any teacher.


Amita Bhardwaj

Lushin  Dubey  workshop   was a life time experience as I learnt lots of things like voice variation, confidence ,energy from people and we played so many games that we can use in our class. There was lots of interaction between Lushin Dubey ma’am and the entire teaching faculty which helped me to know the teachers.


Dimple Gupta

It was the wonderful experience. It has really enhanced my confidence and teaching skills. Both the mentors were very cooperative and helpful. Looking forward for such workshops!


Parul Sharma

The workshop with the Lushen and Bubbles ma’am was indeed a very enlightening and enriching experience for me. It happened on the very first day of my joining the school, so it proved to be an ice-breaker for me with most of the staff members at Lotus Valley. It helped me get inducted into the school very smoothly. It was a very participative and involving experience. This workshop helped me open-up and liberated me from our inhibitions.We were encouraged to think ‘out-of-the-box’, which would help in making the teaching job very exciting for us as well as for the learners. Theatre-in-education can actually revolutionarize the whole concept of teaching and coaching. I look forward to more such-like sessions in the school.Heartiest thanks to Lushen Ma'am and Bubbles ma'am.


Vaishali Sachdeva

The workshop was very enriching and a great confidence building exercise. We learnt about various techniques which we can implement in the class to make our learners confidently express themselves.


Sunaina Mitra

It was a great experience where we learnt how to make our classes more interesting. We got to learn that theatre and humor is an important part of every classroom which enhances the concentration and interest of each child.


Neha Arora

The workshop by Ms Lushin Dubey and Ms Bubbles helped me broaden my spectrum on the usage of theatre and dramatics in the world of learners. It polished my skills of voice modulation, boredom breakers and lesson delivery.


Khushi Navani

It was a wonderful experience. We got to know various ways to make our classrooms more interactive. Through theatre learning can be made more fun filled.


Namrata Goswami

Lushin Dubey workshop was an enriching experience for me. I realized how much we can communicate through the medium of theatre. I have also started using some of those activities in my class.


Priya Moudgil

Lushin Dubey workshop was really enriching experience .We learnt various innovative ways to communicate with theatre as a medium .I have started using these techniques  and activities in my classroom which has become a integral part of my daily planner.


Jyoti Chawla

WorkShop was a great stress buster. We felt rejuvenated without going for a SPA. Though I am  in school from last six months but this workshop gave me a platform to know my colleagues in a better manner . Thanks for giving back our energy level.


Swati Tyagi

The Workshop gave many moments of joy and excitement. I felt relaxed and energetic. There were many wow moments and we all came closer to each other.


Aarti Mann

The Workshop was very enriching and rejuvenating for me. Theatre plays a pivotal role in our lives. Learning can be made so much fun and interesting with sounds cape and drama. The workshop focused on collaborative learning. I felt proud to be associated with the famous artist Lushin Dubey. It was a moment to cherish .Thanks


Jyoti Gulati

It was a great opportunity which I got. There was lot of learning and excitement. It was an excellent balance of interaction and information. I fully enjoyed all the elements of the day and have benefited immensely   from it


Puja Dutta

The Workshop provided me a great opportunity to enhance our expression skills. A really fantastic day and workshop that brought out the best in us. It was an inspirational day.


Shweta Rattan

The workshop was very interesting and interactive. It was a great learning experience for the teachers.


Prachi Bali

Lushin Dubey's Theatre Workshop was a wonderful experience. The workshop was extremely gripping and interesting that it left a great impact on our minds. The workshop gave importance to emoting the slightest nuances of a scene and powerfully executing it. The workshop liberated the spirits and elevated our confidence. It was was very enriching and rejuvenating and a great stress buster. We got to learn that theatre and humor are an important part of every classroom which enhances the concentration and interest of each child.


Harvinder Kaur

The workshop was an eye opener. It was a great platform to shed our inhibitions and gets to know the entire staff who, were otherwise know to us very formally.


Madhur Makkar

The theater workshop was undoubtedly a good learning experience for all of us .We were able to shed our inhibitions and perform in front of a large audience.


Preeti Joon

IT was a fun learning experience. By simple activities taught by them I discovered my potential and my talent.


Taruna Saklani

The workshop was had a great learning impact on us. It was extremely rejuvenating.


Vibha Datt

The workshop was interesting, helpful and a wonderful experience. We got to know various ways to make our classrooms more interactive. We were encouraged to think ‘out-of-the-box’, which would help in making the teaching job very exciting for us as well as for the learners. The two day workshop conducted by these accomplished theatre experts served to infuse renewed energy and enthusiasm in the teachers before the onset of the new academic session.