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Dear Lushin, Apologies for the information "black hole". The start of term has been insanely busy - and I am at the airport again having been in Chandigarh for a conference on Saturday and Sunday! All the more reason to look back warmly and fondly on the brilliant workshop you and Bubbles ran for us. By common consent and acclamation, everyone agrees it was the best we have had. I have never seen the masters so close and warmly supportive of each other. Stellar facilitation by both of you. There was loads of serotonin and oxytocin flooding our brains! Thanks for a marvellous, powerful experience. It was a revelation and a great pleasure as well. We were privileged to have two such accomplished theatre experts handling the occasion. Will email from Delhi now that I am coming up for air. Much love, gratitude and admiration,


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Dear Lushin, Thank you for a wonderful workshop, for the experience, the energy, the enthusiasm and the warmth. It was absolutely amazing. Lots of love, Anez Sent from BlackBerry® on Airtel Please confirm Kamal, that you received both.... thank you.. Lushin mam