lushindubeyLushin Dubey did her Masters in History ( Lady Shri Ram College).. Delhi University and then a Masters of Science in Education , with emphasis on Special Education, from the University of Southern Connecticut, U.S.A . She taught in the United States, and then at the American Embassy School, New Delhi, for several years in the Special Education department... Upon returning to India 20 years back..( though she still divides her time between the U.S. and India.. her husband is a Leading Professor in Applied Mathematics at Yale and Stonybrook... and her younger daughter works in New York...), she set up two theatre companies - Kidsworld and Theatreworld. Over 100 productions have been directed under the Kidsworld umbrella, and under the banner of Theatreworld , many original productions ( over 3 solos included in this), on contemporary subjects and issues.Her productions travel extensively, to cities in India and also overseas. She has perfomed in prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford, The Smithsonian, The World Bank, The Nehru Center, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.. and several NGO's... to name a few.Her acclaimed solo, 'Untitled' has completed over 350 shows in India and overseas... Her second one, 'Bitter Chocolate' has completed over 76 shows...Her production 'Salaam India' has received tremendous accolades once again in India and also overseas, in the U.S, London U.K., Muscat and other countries...All her productions continue to travel.. She also does screen work, and has worked in the lead in several T.V. serials and also in films..and continues to act in this medium too.She has been the recipient of several national and international awards for her theatre and screen work...The most prestigious ones being, the Edinburgh Fringe First for the production, 'Othello in Black and White', which she co - produced and played the lead role of Desdemona in, and the Gemini Award in Toronto, Canada, for her role in the film, 'Murder Unveiled'. Lushin holds several workshops every year , in theatre with children and youth, with corporates and multi-nationals and teaches ' Theatre and Ethics' regularly at the Business Management School, SOIL ( School of Inspired Leadership ), at Gurgaon.. 

For details on her work pls check her website - www.lushindubey.com